Thursday, June 19, 2008


I've decided I'm going to run at least once a day this summer. I'm really out of shape! I can barely run around the block without getting winded. I need running buddies though! I have a couple, but they can't do it everyday. Let me know if you ever wanna run with me!

Also I was hoping there would be comments on here by now! I know I sent an e-mail out to my friends about my blog, so you better be reading it and COMMENTING! =) I am done.


  1. Hey ariel, I would love to run with you...I'm out of shape too and I need to get in shape for volley ball. Just call me to let me know when you wana go running :)

  2. i love you ariel./.and i will be a running buddie if i can get up early ...or if my dad will let me!!!love you!!!xoxo...ttyl k!

  3. can see my blog fomr my just click on it:D


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