Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last thoughts.

Well this weekend was my last official retreat! It kinda made me sad. We had planned to take all these pictures so we would have the memories, but we never did, and we didn't even get to go down to the beach. It kinda got me wondering; is this God's way of showing me how I need to let go of things? I know I'm bad at that. Really bad, actually. Maybe I need to think about this more.

The whole weekend was really fun! I had a good talk with a close friend, and even shared about my depression, cutting and suicide stuff. Boy was that hard! Not the hardest thing I've ever done though. I think it was good for me; it will help me be more open about it in the future.

Now in closing I have advice for anyone who reads this, but particularly Lauren, since she's not a Senior. : ] Try to branch out as much as you can in high school or even college; it's really rewarding. And share things you wouldn't normally share. It really challenged me and it will challenge you as well.

In closing thanks for reading this super long one, and pray for Leanne/Becky! She needs it; she still doesn't feel well. : [


♥Princess Ariel


  1. thank you dearest ariel, i will take your advice to heart, but i always take what you say to heart. you are an amazing person, and i know it may be hard to leave, but all good things must come to an end. i love you!! and now im all caught up on all your blogs! :D thank you again.

  2. Ariel~ I just wanted to say that I'm really proud of you. You have grown alot this year, both in life and your relationship with God. I can tell you've learned to trust God more...through everything you've gone through, God has a reason for it all and I'm glad that you can look at it all and see the positives. You are such a genuine person and very special. You are unique and I'm glad to be your friend. Thanks for encouraging me with everything you've stated and said....I have a hard time with alot of things.. I must try harder with my relationship with God....He is everything, He alone is most important, and deep down I want to serve I just gotta let it show every day of my life. Thanks for everything Ariel. I Love you and appreciate you and your wisdom greatly.
    Your Forever Friend and Sister in Christ, Rachel :)


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