Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend fun.

Wow. This weekend was the most interesting one I've had in a long time. Saturday was prom, and Leanne, Rachel and Sandy came over to do hair and makeup, but my mom was late so I was just finishing when the boys showed up. I scrambled into my dress and we took some fun pictures with popsicles. After that we headed off. It was a fairly uneventful ride there, except for when Tyler scared us all on his famous drop! Once there at Pizza King, we felt awkward because all of the little kids were staring at us. Once we relaxed, everyone except David and I sang karaoke, and then Cameron, David and I played arcade games. I beat Cameron, by the way! : ) We finally got to the dance and one of my tickets was missing! Luckily it didn't matter. The dance was a blast, with the songs being MUCH better than normal! Then frostys afterward, then bed. Church was fun too, with everyone commenting about our dresses. That day I was so tired, I was CRABBY! I'm surprised I didn't kill anyone! But youth group was fun, despite the misconception with the debate. But so far today has sucked. I hope it gets better!

Also, a certain friend still needs to talk to me about walking partners. She knows who she is, and when she reads this I want her to pick up the phone and call me. I'm not mad, I just want you to talk to me! I feel that by not telling me you are a) gloating, b) not caring about my feelings or c) just plain ignoring me. And I kow none of those are the case.

I'm also very confused about a certain boy and his feelings for me. Pray for me?


  1. Ariel~ With the walking partners, are you referring to me or Leanne? I really don't know. If it's me, why don't you just ask me about it?

  2. I'll pray for you Miss Ariel. :D Thank you for taking some pics at prom, I had very little time, and only you and one other person got pics. I hope you get the walking partner thing figured out, i bet it's causing a lot of stress that isn't needed, and it's probably just a bother to still be sorting it out. See you tomorrow at school. :D P.S. The debate thing was annoying!

  3. Ariel-- is this the same boy as in your other posts? Tell me sometime, cuz I'm not sure when I'll read your blog next. I'm glad you had a great time at prom!! Did you get your walking partner issues figured out? I'll see you on Sunday! Have a lovely day!! :)

  4. Rachel- She is talking to you.

    Ariel- Prom was the bomb : ) And I will definitely be praying for you : D Love you!!!


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