Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I think this is one of the first times I have written more than one serious blog in one day. : (

I feel so lost... I feel like I'm being cut off from my friends, like I'm not one of them anymore. My one best friend didn't talk to me today on Yahoo, despite my different attempts to talk to her, and my other one is not letting me know if she is coming over, and I really need to talk to her. I guess I'll just sit by myself tonight.

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  1. Ariel, I'm sorry. I can't say that I know what you are going through, or that I understand the feeling, but I can say that I will pray for you, and your friends. I love you all dearly and I hate to see you like this. I hope that things will be good again, and that everything will mend smoothly, with as few tears shed as possible, and hopefully no one being punched in the face. Ariel, I will be here to talk to. You can always txt me. Love you, Lauren


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