Friday, June 19, 2009

Drive-in, surprises and a little bit of French mixed in.

Last night was the second drive-in party of the year! It was odd feeling, due to the fact that Rachel and Leanne are in D.C., and Nicki was unable to come. Therefore it was Tyler, Cameron, Lindsay Bear, Lauren, Jin-Hoon and myself. We did have quite a bit more room than usual, but it almost felt... wrong somehow, like we were betraying them. It was nice to have Lindsay come, since this was her second ever and it seems like I never spend as much time with her as I do Leanne. I suppose that's due to the fact Lindsay doesn't consider me her best friend? I dunno. It was a really cute movie though. : ) I loved the cupid busts and the Einstien bobble-heads! "That's that way, uh-huh uh-huh, we like it!" : D Sorry, it was just too cute! If you haven't seen, definitely do. Great movie for kids as well. : ) On the plus side, I got permission from my mother to do something really exciting! The girls get back late Monday night, and i mentioned something about wanting to go up with Leanne's dad to pick her up, and Cameron and Tyler said they were going and offered to have me come. I doubted my mom would let me, but I asked anyway and.... SHE SAID YES!!! I'm so excited!!! I miss her tons, and I know that even though she'll be tired, she'll be surprised and happy to see us. AHHH!!!! I wish it was Monday now!!! LOL I really do have TONS to tell her. : ) I can't wait!

One final question for you all: Do you like pink tips in my hair? (See photo.) Once I get the money, should I do it permanent? Keep in mind my church is pretty conservative, and I'm not sure how'd they feel. I really liked it though. : ) 

Au revoir, loves! Thanks for reading. : )

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  1. Keep the hair, the people at church didn't seem to mind too much. and sad day, i can't go with you guys to see them at the airport, but i am so happy that you get to go!! :D have fun, im sad i didn't see you today, because no youth group, and i went to church with my mom this week. Love you Ariel, Lauren.


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