Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VBS, Day 3.

Well today was a much better day. : ) I was slightly annoyed at first because my first ride didn't get back to me, but I had a back-up ready so all was well. Then my annoyance turned into physical depression, which was rather annoying when you're surrounded by tons of cute kids. Afterwards it only got worse, to the point where I just wanted to cry. Luckily Leanne was able to take me home so we chatted for a bit before I got home. It just seemed it get worse and worse, but then I talked to Lindsay on Facebook for awhile, which helped a ton, so I'm all good now. : ) And hopefully Leanne and I can talk tonight.

Tomorrow is kinda sad because I have a Chemeketa thing during VBS, so I can't really help. Bummer. : (

I've been using more French lately, and I love it. : ) Yay for the French people! Yay pour les gens francais!

Au revoir loves!

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