Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well today was going well.... And then it pretty much sucked. Or as they say in France, jour terrible. That literally means "terrible day", which is what my day turned out as.

It started out okay, church was fun and all, (I got ice cream! Yummy!) but then second service my dad came which was okay, but he kinda upset me with more than one comment, and then Nicki left me. (No offense Nicki.) All in all though, church went well. I even got a chance to go home before lunch and change and update Facebook first. Lunch was yummy too, (I LOVE mozzarella sticks!) and I got to go back and play World of Warcraft for the first time in like, 3 months. Then we grabbed blizzards to go see our grandparents, which was good, but that's when disaster struck. I was already missing Leanne terribly, and trying not to cry, when I got an e-mail from another friend answering my question if she even considered me a best friend, let alone a best best friend. Sadly, she said no and confirmed my fears on who was. Even though I honestly knew deep down what she would say, I was still devastated. (Wow I seem to do that every time I ask you something, huh? Maybe I should just stop asking you things and just know I'm right.) I want to make it perfectly clear, as she will read this eventually, I am not mad at you. I love you to death, that will never change. Yes, I am hurt, as I have known you so many years, but I cannot blame you for that. You're too amazing for me to hold a grudge against you. I love you a ton, Bear; I hope you know that. : ) Wow, now I'm rambling. LOL Guess it's time to stop now. Thanks for taking time to read about my lousy day. Hope yours was an awesome one! : )


  1. I know you're upset that you're not my best friend, but why does it matter? I'm not mad, just wondering. Does it mean so much to you if I'm your favorite or not?


  2. All darling Ariel, things will be alright. I understand not being someone's bestfriend and feeling upset. In my world that one extra word means a lot too. Then again i have about 10 best friends, so i doesn't really sound that significant, but it is. Ariel, wether the word best comes in front of the word friend, the important word is definitely friend, and there will always be a special place in her heart that no one can replace. ~Lauren

  3. I'm not asking to be your favorite, I know I never will be. I just feel like I am not important to you anymore.


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