Thursday, July 9, 2009

Desires of the heart.

I feel very proud of myself right now.

I finished all of my Bones episodes, did my secret 14 day thing, readied the downstairs for our new washer (finally!), and it's only 1:30! I do need to work on my daily to-do list still, but most of it is for the evening times. I now need to clean up the living room, tidy the garage stairs (for the washing machine people), finish cleaning my room, start moving stuff into my room, and clean up the kitchen. Quite a bit to do before my mom gets home! Luckily my room isn't a priority for today. : ) I'm hoping that being more active and cleaning more will help me get out of my lazy slump. I don't even have the desire to read the 4 books sitting in my room! (Two of which are Pastor Nate's and I've had for a month, one that was due back at church on Sunday that isn't finished, and one I just bought two days ago.)

Tonight the college group is heading out to the Kerschner's for a slip'n'slide. I am not a fan of slip'n'slides, so I plan to bring my sketchbook, my current reading book, and my to-do list to keep me busy. If I even get bored that is. ; )

Well, I suppose I should get back to the world of cleaning, before my mother discovers my lazy body laying on the couch without my chores done. That would not go well! See you all soon!


French word time!

d├ęsir - desire

Hopefully my cleaning mood will turn into a permanent desire! : )

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