Friday, July 10, 2009

Yesterday is on my mind.

Yesterday.... yesterday gave me a lot to think about. I finished reading a book that applies to my relationship with one of my friends, and it made me re-think it a little bit. Like maybe we aren't really meant to be friends. I don't know. On top of that I have to make a resume and take it down to All Pets IN PERSON. I am way not looking forward to that. I concocted a plan for making the next 4 years easier, but it's not fully ready yet. I told my ideas to one person last night, and in the process set myself up for having one of my poems read and got ANOTHER book to read, this time by Sunday. How I get myself into these positions, I don't know. Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out if I should go tonight, because I'm not sure if I even want to. A part of me does, to see my friend again, but another part of me feels like something... bad is going to happen. Maybe I'm being paranoid. Maybe I'm scared. I don't really know either way, all I know is I need to decide soon, because it's almost noon and I'm supposed to be there at 3!


French word.

peu sûr - unsure

I'm unsure what to do, and what is to come.


  1. Aww, I understand, I still have to call Rachel, and ask my mom to drive me. I do hope you come, and I will pray that nothing bad will happen. I am glad you went on a cleaning spree yesterday, those always make me feel better. I stayed up till 1 o'clock the other day cleaning out under my bed. I loved it! :D well I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. Ariel, I can gurantee you that if God had not meant you to be friends with this person, you would not be friends with this person. Everything God plans happens for a reason, and all of those things are all a part of His perfect plan for you. Whatever role this person has to play in your life was given to them because God allowed it to happen, and He never makes a mistake : D
    Thank goodness!!! : )

  3. Ariel- I just wanted to say that I agree with the stuff the last person says (I'm assuming it was Leanne). she is right. Also, I'm glad you came to the party at my house. It was fun and everything was okay. TTYL!


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