Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cheese-it war!

Today was pretty much the best day I've had in a long time. : )

I awoke to Rebecca whispering, which reminded me I was baby-sitting today. I was frustrated, because I had forgotten and was planning on going to Salem with Cameron, Rachel and Lindsay to meet Leanne for lunch. It turned out that Rachel and Lindsay weren't able to go, so I knew there was an empty seat for Becca. Cameron agreed, so I told Becca we were going to see Becky. (Becca doesn't know her as Leanne. At least, I don't hink she does.) She was all excited, and was eager to go. When Cameron arrived we loaded up and were off. She fell asleep on the way there, and Cameron and I had a nice talk. It helped me decide a few things. : ) Once we got there, Becca proceeded to go into "shy mode" and only whisper into my ear. I finally coaxed her out of her shell, and the four of us ended up in a Cheese-it war. How, I have no idea. Afterwards, as Leanne was getting ready to head back to work, Becca decided she didn't want her to leave and started tugging on her hand as hard as she could. Then, she tried to get me to help. Finally, a hug from Leanne was enough to persuade Becca away so Leanne could leave. I was surprised, because Becca was rarely that excited to see her! But nevertheless, we both had fun. : ) I'm really glad Cameron invited me!

I wish today would happen again tomorrow. : )

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