Friday, August 28, 2009


As summer passes and it gets closer to school, you would think I would be preparing to leave my friends and move on with my life. Instead, every little thing about them leaving leaves me sobbing and red-faced.

When will I learn to accept that my friends don't need me for the next four years?

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  1. Dear, it's not that they don't need you, because I'm positive that they do, it's just that the circumstances have changed. Life is just a roller coaster that keeps going, if it were flat, with no changes, it would get boring, and then it wouldn't be worth it, and yeah, sometimes it goes too fast, or the parts we like (for me, going down) are over before we know it, and then the parts we hate (going up really slow :( ) are there and seem to last forever. In the end it's all part of the ride, and you need one part to have the other. I know that your friends may not show how much they will miss you, but I know they will. Maybe they are trying to make it easier, because if they were upset, then you would both be upset, maybe they are trying to be strong for you. I guess I'm butting in, but I'm really trying to be comforting. :) Love you, Talk to you tonight at the fundraiser, Lauren


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