Sunday, August 2, 2009

These days are almost gone.

Last night and today were hard for me. I realized it is now August... which means it's one step closer to September. And that means that it's one step closer to having a part of me leave. I am dreading September, for the first time I can remember. (Hey, that rhymed.) I have always loved summer, but then right about now my need for friends sets in and I am eager to get back to school. But now... we've all been spending so much time together and it will be the complete opposite once school starts. We'll go our separate ways, only wishing it was a few months later when we get to see each other again. I just wrote this in my head, and thought it was good to put here.

I say I'm fine,
when really I'm not.
I'm dying inside,
And I know I've been caught.

I wave goodbye,
Say "I'll see you soon!"
When really my heart breaks,
It feels like you're on the moon.

As you drive away
I start to cry,
And I wonder,
"Why, God? Why?"

I go back to my life,
Just the same as before.
But something is missing,
It's like there's no floor.

I go through each day
Wishing for your embrace.
But I am dying inside,
I no longer wear my happy face.

As the days draw to an end, I have only one last thing to say.

J'aime vous.

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