Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wow. (I just realized my last few blogs have "Test" as their titles.)

I realized today that I only have 26 days left. That is no where near enough time to get in 4 years of missed lunches and skipped movies. What am I going to do? Starting today, I need to decide whether I'm going to back off and let it go, or cling on and do as much as I can in the next 26 days. That's hard. I guess I'll just have to go with the flow and see what happens.

On brighter note, I have fun plans this weekend! Today I'm going to Courtyard Coffeehouse to go over a new story idea with Leanne, then tomorrow, we're hopefully going to see Adam! It has Hugh Dancy in it!!!! : D Mmm.... he is scrumptious. I cannot wait! I love fun weekends. : ) Don't you?

I now have a question for my dear readers. I am eventually getting a tattoo of a fairy on my shoulder, and I can't decide whether or not she should be sitting in a flower. I would like you to comment and let me know yes or no. I very much appreciate it! : )


  1. Yes to the flower, sounds adorable. Glad you are having a fun weekend. Hope I can make it to church in the morning, but if not I will see you at youth group. ~Lauren :D


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