Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hospital visit....

Okay so for those who haven't heard.... I was in the hospital from 5:15 last night until about 9:15 this morning. Yes, OVER NIGHT. Gosh was that torture. Anyway, what happened:

I woke up yesterday feeling 100% better (I was achey and slept most of Sunday)
Started to get achey again
Slept most of the day
Took my temp right before going to get money from my mom, it was 102.2
She said I couldn't go anywhere, I proceded to pass out in her office
I was admitted immediately :)
I had a REALLY high heart rate (It was jumping from between 130 all the way to 150, normal is like 60-80)
I had low blood pressure
I was dehydrated, so they pumped 4 liters of fluid in me (I HATE IVs!)
I still had a high temp

Basically I had/have a bladder infection and possibly a kidney infection, and my cold didn't help things. They kept me over night because my heart rate was so high, and gave me antibiotics (through the evil IV...). This morning I was fine, just a little weak from laying in bed for over 12 hours, so they gave me take home antibiotics and I'm home now.

I get to skip class today, which will be nice. I'll probably go tomorrow just because it's only CG100, which is a cake walk. I just want to thank everyone who prayed, because I recovered pretty quick which is a relief. It was definitely a God-send to have passed out at the hospital, even if I did scare my mom and Jenna! Thanks Jenna, you helped my mom a lot. :) Anyway, you can call me if you need anything, or VISIT ME! I can't go anywhere. :( I want company.

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  1. Oh goodness, it's sad that I hear about this through your blog. I'm glad your alright, but don't ever get that sick again! :) I love you, and I will pray for ya and maybe visit. Stop by the church a little on friday maybe? we are doing a clean up day. Love you dear, ~Lauren


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