Saturday, December 19, 2009

Josh update


I am talking to Josh again. I have been thinking, and I realize the "break up" didn't hit me that hard (I didn't even cry!) and he was a really good friend and I was starting to miss our conversations.


We agreed to remain friends. Friends only, nothing more.

I feel so much better. :)


  1. Well, I'm glad you're friends again, if that's what is best, then cool! :) It's probably a god thing you guys decided to be only friends though. That's just my opinion, but whatever. Anyway, I'm glad you feel better about that situation. :)
    Luv, Rachel

  2. well, that's neat! I am jealous it is working out so well! yeah, yeah... :) anywho, hope things go well for you guys!

  3. That's so nice :) I'm glad you two worked things out that way :D I'm so proud of you guys ;)

    Love, Leanne


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