Friday, January 8, 2010

Options galore....

So I have a few options.

Option numbah one: Younger, have had sparks in the past, not sure how we stand now. Approved by any/all friends: No.

Option numbah two: Had a "relationship" in the past, but it fell through and there is a possibility it'll start up again. Approval: NO. (By like, everyone.)

Option numbah three: Starting to get to know them better, likes the same things I do (Land Before Time...!) and has connections to people I know. Approval: SPF; Yes? LB; Hesitant, thinks it's too fast. C; I have no idea.

Option numbah four: Be gone, all ye who bother me! :D

Ugh. Maybe I should give it up for good.


  1. I like option 4 too! :)
    But really, that might be the way for you to go right now. Get to know option 3, have a friendship. Remember he's a Mormon. But he'd be a great friend.

  2. Ariel~
    Who are you talking about with option number one? I'm confused with that. I say go with option number 5, trust God and follow his leading. :)
    Luv ya, Rachel


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