Monday, February 22, 2010

My thoughts on stress

Now as I write this, I am supposed to be finishing up my health midterm. Oops :P But this blog is actually about health, so I suppose it's okay.

I am writing the section on stress, where I have to list my stressors. As I think back over the past year, I realize it has been one year since my parents separated! It seems so much longer. I swear, I can remember every fight they've had over that twelve month period. And believe me, it sucked.


I realize I have gotten so much better through all of this. I don't cry as often (yes, I still do, can't ever get rid of the cry-baby!), I get along with my brother much better, and I have an adorable and loving little sister. And as everyone knows, I have ALWAYS wanted a sister. :) While she may have her bratty temper tantrums, I never see them so she is a dream come true. Who would have thought there would be a silver lining in a divorce/re-marriage!

As much as I hate my dad being married to Roberta, I don't hate either of them. Roberta is nice, just VERY quiet. Too quiet for my taste. And my dad... well you know. He's not the nicest person, but he does have his good days.

On my mother's side, I love Jake. He is amazingly nice, buys me Yamis randomly to perk up my day, and has made my mom happier than I've ever seen her. I have to say though, I am greatly relieved that they will not be getting married, however Jake is planning on inding a job down here and moving here sometime in the future. *sigh* Sometimes I wish you could stop the people you love from sinning. But of course, we can't.

So all in all, the stress may still be killer (especially on my poor neck and shoulders) but I have become a better person from it. I know that I will do everything in my power to keep my kids from suffering the same fate my brother and I did.

Ah, stress. Don't you know you're not wanted?


  1. Ariel-

    This is where I would smile and say "You have no idea," but obviously you do :P


  2. Ariel--
    this post was extremely encouraging. I'm glad to hear you so positive! I'm glad you are getting along with your family, and that things are working out for you pretty well in that area. And you are getting better emotionally, I think. You have really grown, although it was hard to notice as it happened, but looking back I can see a difference. Keep going, girly!! :D

  3. Ariel~
    I'm glad that you're being positive about your life. It's good to read an encouraging blog. Overall, you have become alot stronger and better with dealing with things in your life and your emotions. Good job and i'm proud of you. I'm glad that you can see the positive side to every situation. It's not always easy, but when one has gotten to that point, they know growth has happened. I love you and I'm glad to be friends with such an amazing person as yourself. :) Your growth and perseverance inspires me to keep going in life too and it makes me realize that if you can go through all those extremely hard things and still praise God, then I can get through anything (at least hopefully, lol). :)
    Luv ya, Rachel

  4. I totally and wholeheartedly agree ^.^


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