Saturday, April 17, 2010

Books, books, books!

I am an avid reader, as basically everyone knows. I spend most of my spare time (when I'm not on the computer or playing video games) reading whatever book I am currently on. Lately I've been slacking, and I have a LONG list of books that I actually own and have yet to read. Some from almost six months ago!

I have been reading Amber's blog, and she reads a lot as well. That is a GOOD thing, because it's getting me back into reading :) I copied a widget off of her blog, the Shelfari Bookshelf widget. (I hope you don't mind!) Mine is slightly different than hers, because it shows the book I'm currently reading, plan to read, and have already read. I have way more to add, but I'm hoping to dwindle the list a little before I do that. Feel free to ask how I'm doing on my reading list :P I need to encouragement!

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  1. Ariel,

    Of course I don't mind! :) I think lots of people have a Shelfari account. Other helped to get me interested in Shelfari and another program called Goodreads. It is pretty fun to post the widgets on the blog to keep people up-to-date on how you're doing with your reading. Best wishes for all your reading! Have a great weekend!



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