Monday, April 26, 2010



*gasps for breath*

I have come to a decision on the layout problem. I have a few that I've found that I like a lot, but I want to know all of your opinions. I will post links in this post so you can preview all the choices, then I'll have a poll where you can vote on your top TWO choices. No more than two, and I'll use the highest voted.

1. Summer Reminiscences


I'm still trying to figure out the comment problem, so you can vote for this one but realize if I can't fix it I won't use it!

2. Beyond Words


3. She Angel


4. Until a Brighter Day


5. Resistance


6. Summer Love


I would only use this one through the summer, and then probably change to the second highest vote, if this one wins.

You could also vote for my current one, but I'm not sure if I'll put it up, even if it wins.

I hope this solves everything. Sorry for spamming my posts! I didn't think I'd have so many issues. :/


  1. Also, look at all the tabs on the previews please!

  2. Ariel,

    The layouts are all very interesting and pretty! However, I think this one is a bit easier to read (with not so small print and everything). This is just my opinion. But I do think you can be very creative even with the plain old blog layouts. I found on Renee's blog a link to, which I used to help me get a new border and button and everything. They've got a lot to choose from, and it's free! Just a heads up... :)



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