Monday, May 17, 2010

Great weekend!

Today = LOVE

Seriously, if I died right now, I would die a happy girl :)

Friday was nice, finished my tiny amount of homework and most of laundry. Laid in the SUN for over an hour! :D Mmmmmm, sunshine :)

Saturday was nice, finished the laundry (one load), and played Riven most of the day until 9:58PM when I beat it :D I think I laid in the sun for another hour then too :)

Today, I woke up sick. :/ Still not back to normal. However, I dragged myself to church for my "date". Tennis + BBQ + Something I care not to mention = PERFECT. Seriously, I had so much fun! I don't regret going at all :) The concert/service was freaking LONG... Not excellent by any means, but tolerable.

Nicki took me home and gave me a Tinkerbell pin for my lanyards! :D Pulling them out was fun in itself :) Hanging with her and Minnie for awhile was fun :)

Now I'm just thinking... Life is good, but not great. I have a lot of stuff to deal with, and I'm getting more stuff added on my plate daily. I feel like I just need to slow down and deal with one thing at a time, but I don't know where to start.

Hm. Maybe I'll go to bed early and sleep on this.


  1. Glad you've had a good weekend. Sorry you didn't enjoy the concert...I thought it was good. :) Yup, just take one day at a time and let God lead. That's the advice I have right seems simple, but it rarely is :) I love you lots!

  2. What??! How in the name of all things good and musical could you not think the concert was good??? Do you not recognize a master when you see one?? I just don't understand...
    But, nonetheless, I'm glad you had an enjoyable weekend. And I will be asking you about this secret thing... !

  3. I'm super glad you had a great day :) That is certainly always a pleasure to hear ^.^


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