Sunday, May 9, 2010

Poll and Mother's Day

So the poll was ANOTHER 3-way tie. Seriously, you're killing me people. I guess I'll keep this one for now but certain fonts I can't read so I do want to change it eventually.

Today was interesting.... Briefly talked to Pastor Nate, which was fine. We sang for YVOP and I was the only solid middle since Leanne hadn't sung it until today and the other two middles have a tendency to sing high. Still, it went well. Mother's Day... was better than I expected. We went to Salem and I found DDR Supernova for $5! I've wanted that one forever :D Just ran around doing shopping for my mom, basically. Then...

Oh man. I was hoping that would not come up, but unfortunately it did. I hope that does not mess anything up.

And I slightly messed up my mom's bread. But otherwise, today was good.

Happy Mother's Day!

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