Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Poll results and life update

So I'm warning you, this one will probably be really long.

First of all, my poll results. So to my dismay, my current layout won. I'm still not sure if I like this one well enough, so I'll do one last poll with the three 2nd-placers:

Until a Brighter Day


Summer Love

We'll see... I might keep this one. But vote anyway, please.

And life... Many sub-topics. I'll start with the camp training and camp.

I am so glad I went to the training! It seemed like everything she said was related to me. One thing from Friday she said that hit me was: "You can't move on with your life until you let go of the past." I really need to work on this because I base all my future/current relationships on past hurts and so I have a hard time trusting people. She also talked about giving our testimony, which will be hard for me. My testimony is long-winded and very detailed, but is not suitable for 5th and 6th graders. I need to be ready to share it, and make it so I don't scare my poor girls away. Also, Leanne and I were going to be co-counselors since it's first year for both of us and Lynn, head of the activities for all camps said that would be fine. However when I talked to the director of our camp she said it would depend on numbers. Ahhh! I do not want to be by myself :( I hope that all works out.

Next, today's talk. (I hope you don't mind me posting this Lindsay!)

I have to say, I am sooooo glad Lindsay and I got to talk. I had thought things that were not the case, and we were able to just say how we feel. It's funny, because the issue that got me so upset in the first place ended up switching completely! I spent most of the day with her, since we ran around town doing some stuff. It was really fun :) And I hope you are sitting down, because I gave her two of my purses! That's right: not one, but TWO! Haha, I was so proud of myself :)

And the third thing...

I made a pretty big decision today. I had been considering it the past few days, but I had been leaning one way and then something with another person really helped me to make the final decision. Sorry about being cryptic, but I'd rather not go into detail right now. It'll all be sorted out soon.

I only have one last midterm, history tomorrow. I hope it'll go okay. I hate history. I'm really glad I only had two midterms, and one was pretty easy. I just hope finals go as smoothly!

Life is going pretty well I think. It looks like I'll be attending George Fox, which is really exciting because they are my top choice! I just have the deposit to pay this week and a couple of forms to mail and I'm set.

I just hope this weeks stays positive :)


  1. I'm so glad the retreat was helpful to you :) And I am SUPER glad you two worked everything out ^.^ It is such an answer to prayer. Good for you for getting rid of a couple of your purses ;)

    I know this is a tough decision for you, not to mention a big one, but rest assured you are doing the right thing. You will certainly continue to be in everyone's prayers.

    I am also happy you are going to be able to attend George Fox! I think it will be very good for you :) Plus, it's a great school. Double bonus ;) And I know several people who go there/work there, so I could definitely hook you up ;D

    I hope your week stays positive as well ^.^
    Good luck on your mid-term!

  2. Ariel- I echo everything Leanne said. And even though this is a hard decision, it's the one God's wants you to make. I hope everything goes well with it and I will continue praying for you. Good job with getting rid of some purses!:)
    Luv ya, Rachel

  3. I don't mind that you post about our good time! But let me take this opportunity to tell you that sometimes I wish you wouldn't put the details of personal conversations or arguments on your blog. This is a public place, and although you don't say names, the majority of people who read these posts can figure out who you're talking about.
    I'm not mad, don't worry, just letting you know it would be nice for a little bit of privacy. :D I'm not saying to stop blogging about me or anyone else altogether, just be considerate. :)
    I'm also glad we could spend the day together! It's nice to hang out with you alone, sometimes, so we can talk. Love you!


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