Saturday, June 26, 2010

Empty Nest

Oh man....

My mom is upsetting me a little.

My entire life, she has been the stable parent. She is not emotional in anyway, while my dad is. I get my emotions from him. I have only seen my mom cry a handful of times, and mostly at funerals.

I expected me going off to college to be easy on both of my parents. My dad doesn't see me often, so i don't think it'll be too tough on him. And my mom is so independent I figured she'd be okay.

Apparently I was wrong. My mom is taking this harder than I thought. She basically said that before, when my parents were married, she wasn't expecting the "empty nest" until after Carter went to college. However now, when Carter's gone half of the time and I'm the only other person here, it's different. My mom and I have gotten a lot closer this past year, so being an hour away will be a stretch, for both of us.

I'm not really sure what to say to her about it, or how to help her. Lately I've been trying to be careful what I say about it, because I don't want her feeling sad. Any suggestions, readers?


  1. If I were you, I would just try to spend a lot of time with her right now. She probably worries that when you go off to college and get all independent, you'll just want to leave your family behind. Show her through what you do and say that she will always be important in your life. You don't need to bring your leaving up a lot, just be sure she knows you love her. And make sure you call her a lot when you get to school. Moms love that. :D
    This happens to all parents, so don't stress about how she's handle it. She'll get used to it after a while, and she'll love it when you're back home. It's great that you are concerned for her, but don't worry, she'll be fine. :)

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  3. It's a mom thing. Mom's know that their children are meant to grow up and go out on their own.


  4. Don't worry your mom would be fine. Just make sure you are there whenever she needs you. My mom's been through the same thing but then she tells me..all the birds leave their nest when they grow up. She understands that and your mom will too.
    PS- Nice blog!

  5. Visit every weekend! Go on unexpected "dates" during the week. Whatever you do, don't lose your connection. It's far too valuable to miss out on. College is hard in many different ways (at least it is for me), she'll always be there to support you.


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