Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One week left...

I leave one week from tomorrow.


This is crazy.

I'm excited, don't get me wrong. It's just coming so fast! I'm hoping today will be my last day at work, but if they need me next week I'll be working through Tuesday. Tomorrow is my last college group. Sunday is my last day at church....

I'm going to miss everyone so much. My friends, my family, even Dallas itself. It may be the "hick town", but it's our town.

I am excited for all the things to look forward to!

Meeting Megan!

Making new friends.

Having BIBLE SURVEY!!!! Yes, this just might be the one class I'm looking forward to :) Okay, maybe not, because I have Chem too! :D

Hopefully having time to try out Newberg's drive-in. It won't be the same, but it's a start :)

Getting another job and having money!

Getting to know people better, like Jenn :) I'm so glad she's just down the hall from me!

Even with everything to look forward to, I'm still nervous. What if I don't make friends quickly? I am pretty quiet around people I don't know. What if they take that as standoffish or snubbing? What if (heaven forbid!) Megan and I don't get along like we think we will? What if my emotions skyrocket even worse than they have been, and I push people away?

I know, "what ifs" are bad. But I can't help it.

I just hope this next week doesn't fly by TOO fast... and that I get everything ready in time.

As a closing note, I want to post something I read from a friend this morning that put my thoughts at ease about losing my friends in college (she shall remain nameless):

My unconditional friendship for all my friends means you can trust me with anything, you can tell me anything and I'll be there for you no matter what, when you go off to college I'll still be here, being the best friend I can be. You are all my brothers and sisters in Christ and I love you like my own sibling, life may be rough, but it gets easier with prayer and friends who stick with you :)

Thanks for being my friends :)


  1. It's a new beginning and you will definitely like it :) Being a bit nervous at first is normal.

  2. Ariel~
    You'll do great at George Fox! I'm so excited for you! Just keep following God and trusting Him, and remember that I will and we all will still be here for you. I love you! :)


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