Friday, October 29, 2010

Power is glorious.

Never again will I trust large, industrial trucks.

If you didn't already hear from my FB page, the power in my dorm went out for almost an hour because some stupid truck driver was going up a curb and went straight into some power lines. No, not the super high ones, the ones that come down diagonally and bolt into the ground. How the driver didn't see them, I have no idea. But when you're sitting in your room right by the power lines and you hear what sounds like two loud gunshots, and then you power goes out, you tend to freak a little. Luckily we still had water, but we were all worried about the fridges because some people had stuff like ice cream in them. Not fun.

So most of the floor came to my room (where we could watch them fix it out the window) and we shared power outage stories and then just hung out. It was actually really nice. One girl commented that without any other entertainment, this is what we did :P Sad, but true.

Anyways, the power is obviously back on if I'm posting this from my room. (Yes, even our WIFI AND INTERNET went down. My studying was post-poned. Please ignore the fact that I'm still posting this... haha. I have studied some already.) I just really hope this doesn't happen again.

No. Fun.

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  1. I loved the intro. to this post! Ha ha. It definitely caught my attention xD


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