Saturday, October 30, 2010

So I've decided to a little revamping of my blog. I don't know if you have noticed, but I added the follower widget to my sidebar, as well as a button for a blog community called the SITS Sisters that I joined. I want to starting taking my blogging more seriously, and blogging more often because I really do enjoy it!

No, I don't plan on changing my layout. I LOVE it waaaaaaay too much. So unless someone wants to offer to make me a new one with no cost to me, this one shall stay. I wanted to start with a weekly schedule, where I post specific things on specific days. I have a few things in mind, which I'll write in a sec, but I would like suggestions as well from my readers. So comment and let me know!

Thoughts so far:

(* = maybe)

*Saturday or Sunday (probably Saturday): School week review (since school is a big part of my life right now)
*Sunday: Devotional post/verse of the week
Friday: Friendship Friday (I'm trying to get better at treating people, specifically one person, as better friends so I'll open it up for me and all of you to share how you were a friend that past week)
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday (I'll post a picture of something that happened to me the past or that sums up my mood/day)
Monday: Music Monday (I have been listening to so much music lately that this day is perfect! I'll post a YouTube video of a current song that I like and how it relates to my life)

I'm also going to try and spend more time reading and reviewing books so I'll post reviews as I finish books.

This is not to say I won't post on other days; if I feel like I need to blog about something, I will! This isn't set yet either, I still want input from all of you and maybe I'll do a trial week sometime soon.

Love you all! <3


I made my own blog button :D Isn't it beautiful?


  1. Ariel ~ I like all your ideas for the week review thing. It sounds good. :) I can't wait to see it! Sounds like your blog will be even better! :)
    Love in Christ, Rachel

  2. I dig these ideas :) I will definitely look forward to reading the posts that go along with them ^.^


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