Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was so fun this year! I really miss trick-or-treating. Yes, I may be too old but when you live in a town with a college campus people don't complain - too much. They just give you funny looks.

This was before I put my green jacket on :) It got so cold, and really fast! But I had fun. We went down the main street and back, getting candy from businesses and a few houses on the way. There was supposed to be a free haunted house as well, but they couldn't open it this year :( We were pretty upset.
Spock and her nerdy fan :) At one point a little girl took one look at Spock's face makeup and was terrified out of her wits! Ha. :) But she looked great anyway. Miss Nerd had a hard time seeing all night with the glasses, as she normally doesn't need any. She kept tripping and running into things. It was pretty funny ;)
 This is Xiangting, one of the exchange students from China on our floor. This year was her first Halloween! She didn't quite understand the costume concept, she she just dressed nice :) But she took so many pictures, and loved seeing all the decorations and costumes.
These two are the cutest roommates ever :) Their signs say "I'm with frog" and "I'm with princess". Guess what they are? ;) The Princess and the Frog! :D Haha, only a few people actually guessed but when they did those two were so excited.

I didn't get a ton of candy, but enough to satisfy me for awhile. Thank goodness my roommate isn't a big candy eater, so I don't have to hide it from her! ;)

Hope you all had a fun night!

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