Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog cleaning!

I just finished cleaning up my blog list, and BOY do I feel better! I was following over 200 blogs people. 200!!! That is unrealistic for me to read them all, considering the amount of time I spend with people, doing schoolwork, reading or whatever. Quite a few were also either deleted or hadn't posted for a few months, so I just tossed them. I kept a few exceptions, those being people I know personally.

Because I followed so many blogs I would get behind in reading them a lot and skip tons of posts just trying to catch up. I'm hoping now that I've cut down significantly I will read most of the posts. I know I won't read all, but hey. I'm human.

If I removed you and you don't think I should have, let me know! It may have been an honest mistake.

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