Sunday, January 16, 2011




So Amazon recently released their Kindle lending program, where anyone with a Kindle ebook (that has been okayed by the publisher to be lent) can lend the ebook to another Kindle for 14 days. The only catch is the original Kindle loses it for those 14 days, and each ebook can only be lent once.

Ahem. On the the squee-worthy news.


Yes yes yes yes yes! I have wanted to read these books for awhile, but was afraid of buying them in case I didn't like them. Now I can read the first one for free and then make sure I like them before I get my own copies :D So after I finish the last novella on my Kindle, this will be on the top of my reading list. Be looking for my *hopefully* great review!

And for those who don't already have the PC or Mac Kindle apps, get them. Seriously, they're free and there are plenty of free ebooks on Amazon. Just do it! Sooo worth it.

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