Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today has not started well.

As some people already know, my roommate and I have bunk beds, and I sleep on top. I have no problem with bunk beds, despite my fear of heights. As long as the bed is solid, I'm fine. This morning I went to climb down at about 8:30 to let my roommate in because she had locked herself out. Normally I have to climb down the end of our bed, which requires me turning around on my bed. This time I lost my balance and fell off of the side of the bed. And let me tell you, my bed is pretty high up. I managed to sort of catch myself and fall on my back rather than face first, but I hit pretty hard. Even just sitting here my back is throbbing. It also hurts to turn my neck in any direction. I'm hoping I didn't hurt it, but I've been pretty stressed this week and I hold stress in my shoulders and they tense up so I'm pretty sure this didn't help at all.

I hope to be okay, just take pain meds and rest some, but I could do with prayers. This was a pretty terrifying experience for me, since I don't like heights, and my roommate already feels bad enough that I don't want her to have to worry about me. Hopefully I can heal quickly!

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