Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Angry rant to follow.

WARNING: This post will contain a very angry rant about how my day has gone and how my school does not contain a bunch of heathens.

SERIOUSLY???? I feel like punching out a freaking window right now, I am so MAD! My day did not start great, because I slept through my alarm and was almost late to my class. Then roomie found out someone in her family is not doing well and she took it pretty hard. She is normally the emotionally sane one, which helps keep me sane. Having her upset is throwing me for a loop. Then I got laughed at in ethics for stating my opinion (which basically was that I didn't care either way, but hey I was honest) which just made me feel worse. I then proceeded to have a fabulously PEACHY fight with one of my best friends about how my school gets out two weeks earlier than hers even though we're on the same schedule. Which then proceeded to me getting sick of everyone attacking MY school because MY school is a bunch of heathens and MY school lets in non-Christians YET they have the same curriculum and the teachers have to align themselves with the school's statement of faith before they are hired.

Do you understand why I'm upset here?? I'm sick of having to defend MY school against my two best friends because THEIR schools are FABULOUS all the time. I'm not saying they aren't, but HELLO!!! I go to a Christian school too and we are just fine!!! It just makes me SO mad that no one even ASKS me once in awhile what Fox is like, when frankly I would spend hours telling them all about it! This school has so much to offer, but no one cares. I'm tired of it.

Now I have to spend my time pretending through a floor meeting that I'm just peachy and nothing is wrong. Roomie might have noticed, but chose not to ask. Which is probably a good thing, because I probably would have gone into a shouting rant at her.

Why can't my Sunday brunch with Ang come sooner??? She's the one person I can rely on 24/7 and who accepts me who I am. And ironically, I haven't even told her about my past. Maybe Sunday. But that's another post.

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