Sunday, February 27, 2011

Casting Crowns - Always Enough

This song pretty much hit home tonight.

I went home this past weekend for my birthday, which is tomorrow. My party went pretty well for the most part but I was just stressed the whole time. I was also reminded how much I dislike going home. I love seeing people, but I hate being at home. I'd much rather stay at school and have people come to me. I just don't feel completely comfortable at home anymore. So by Saturday night I was ready to come back. Thankfully we were heading back right after church the next day, so I got back much earlier than we normally do. It was nice being back, but I was exhausted to the point that I was having trouble forming coherent sentences and couldn't even just mess around on FB without nodding off. I got a quick nap in, but it ended up messing up my vision in one eye, so I have about 3/4 vision between my eyes right now. Because of that, I have a headache. And then... I got an e-mail from my CS professor. Now CS is my major, but this semester has been kicking my butt because I've been having issues writing up the programs. The Java itself is fine, but the programs just don't make sense to me. So I have not been doing well... but he sent me an e-mail today and said he wants me to re-do last weeks programs. He also said that he was leaving my assignment at his office so that I wouldn't be embarrassed if anyone else saw my grade. I seriously freaked.... because I have a solid C right now and if one assignment can drop it to where he's worried I know I bombed it. I'm stressing out, which is bad because tomorrow I want to be in a good mood since it is my actual birthday.

So yeahhh. Keep me in your prayers? :/

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