Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sick sick sick...

Well this weekend has not gone well... *sigh*

Yesterday one of my friends was teasing me and went to run off with my Nintendo DS. Well it was plugged in... and when she pulled it too far it smashed into a chair and the hinge broke. It was already cracked so I'm not too surprised it broke... but still. I bought it myself, and those things aren't exactly cheap. Anyways, I'm buying another one off of eBay. I can afford it and my current one is already 3 years old so I figure it's okay to get a new one.

On top of that, I am officially sick. This is a big deal because I rarely get sick and when I do, it is HORRIBLE. I can't even begin to tell you how much my body attacks me when it's sick. I've managed to get over most of the congestion and body aches, but my throat is not healing. I'm so tired of having to force food down because I can barely swallow anything that's NOT hot. I've drank all of my apple cider packets, so now I'm working through my hot chocolate ones. Hopefully I can get rid of this before Wednesday... because I have my first speech in comm class. >.< Eeep! I am So. NERVOUSSSSS. Words cannot describe O.O

The one nice thing about being sick this particular weekend is my roommate is gone on her staff retreat so I have the room to myself. Which effectively means I get to take over her bed without feeling guilty :) Believe me, napping is so much nicer on her cushy mattress than mine!

Basically I just want to get over this sore throat. Honestly, I can deal with the runny/stuffy nose and sneezing, but not the throat issues. Mehhh.

Anyone else dealing with sickness?

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  1. I'm sorry you're sick. :( I hope you get better soon. Good luck with your speech too. I'm sure you'll do fine. :) Have a great week and God bless you my friend.
    Luv ya. :)


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