Sunday, March 13, 2011

I had planned on going to church tomorrow. I was so excited because it was the church I had visited the first week and loved, but had no one to go with. My roommate has a friend who goes, and offered to take me along. I have missed church, so I was super excited. Unfortunately, I am no longer going.

I've had a headache most of the afternoon, and it is quickly escalating into a migraine. I can tell it will not be going away anytime soon, so either 1) I will get no sleep 2) I will still have the headache/migraine in the morning, or both. I just decided to not go, and I'll go after I get back from spring break.

In other news, I got my hair cut!

I love my Photobooth a little too much :)
It's only about 4 whole inches shorter plus the bangs! I really like it :) I'm also looking forward to coloring it again in the near future, with the specific color to be announced later ;)

George Fox is sending a team to Peru for May Serve this year, and they held a garage sale today to raise funds. They had super cheap prices and pretty decent stuff. There was even an iTouch! I ended up with a new laptop cover for Macy (since her knitted sweater is missing...), a dark green long-sleeve shirt, and a white lacy-ish girls top. (And by girls, I mean little girls XL :P Yes... I sadly still fit them. Barely.) All for $5! My friend went along and just paid for both of our stuff with one check, since I had no cash. Our total should have been about $8, but they were nice and only charged us $5! Woo bargains!

Don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour tonight!

In closing, I will leave you with my new favorite song of the week: Who Says by Selena Gomez. (Don't judge. She rocks, and this song had an amazing message.) Enjoy!

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