Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WHW: Flip flops!

Ready for this weeks WHW? :) This week, I heart flip flops! I have over 10 pairs, and I have just about every color of the rainbow, minus red I believe. I have a small obsession :P I would love to wear them year-round, but my family doesn't like me wearing them over winter because in Oregon it constantly rains so I'm walking through puddles all the time. But it is now MARCH which means I can once again break out the flip flops!

Hee hee :D Seriously, the picture with the rainbow flip flops could be my closet :P Yaaaay flip flops!


  1. If I lived in a hot country near the beach I would have a large collection of them , in fact that is all I would wear too cause I loathe stinky socks . I adore your flip flops .

  2. oh I'm totally with you I love flip flops especially now cause I'm SO ready for summer to get here!

    Hugs & Loves, Ariel

  3. I heart flip flopS too. I think they are the most comfortable things one can wear.Too bad it's still cold in NY :(


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