Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sick Day

So, I'm sick. And it kind of sucks.

I had felt a little queasy last night while shopping with friends, but I wasn't too worried. Usually if I am really full and stand for too long I feel queasy. Once I sat down for awhile however, I felt fine. Well I woke up again this morning feeling sick. I figured it was just nerves, because I was supposed to work today and I get nervous when I go to work for some reason. But about 15 min before I actually needed to start getting ready, I threw up. Bleh.

So I'm spending the day at home. My brother has a report to write for his 4-H meeting tonight, so I'll be helping him with that, cleaning up my room again, since it got rearranged a little when my grandma went through my books, and watching tv shows I'm behind on. And possibly a little laundry. At least that I can do sitting down!

Also, my family was supposed to go up to Vancouver from the 1st through the 5th for a drum line reunion the 1st and 2nd for my mom, and then be up there for the 4th. That meant I got to see the boyfriend as soon as he got back from his cruise. Now we're not going to her reunion, so we're going up the 3rd. As much as I wanted to see him when he got back, this means I get to go to a welcome back/goodbye for the summer party on Saturday for my little choir sis that I haven't seen for almost a year, and a scrap-booking and possibly movie party with my friends on Friday. Hopefully I won't still be sick, and it was just something I ate!

Hope everyone else is healthy :)

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  1. I sent you a twitter message, but just in case, please send me your address by tomorrow to collect your prize!


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