Monday, September 19, 2011

Lion King in 3D

Today I got to go see the Lion King in 3D. I am not a big 3D fan when it comes to animated movies, simply because the animation isn't typically made for 3D. Lion King was no different, but it was still pretty good!

I haven't seen it in years, so it was nice to re-watch it and remember everything that happens. Now I would like to point one thing out: I have never cried while watching the Lion King, not even when Mufasa died. This time, I was crying through-out the entire movie! I don't even know why haha. Pretty much every part of the movie had me crying. It was so embarrassing! And my roommates were totally making fun of me. But oh well, I'm a crybaby when it comes to movies haha.

While only a few parts were noticeably 3D, it was still worth it. I definitely think all Lion King fans should go see it :)

Has anyone else seen it? What did you think of the 3D?

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