Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Symphony Blogging Software

I recently stumbled across Symphony crossposting software while looking for something to help to syndicate my blog posts automatically to Facebook. I used to use Networked Blogs for syndicating this blog to my main Facebook profile, and my book blog to my Facebook page.

When I went to update it recently with the relaunch of my book blog, and discovered that Networked Blogs no longer syndicates blog posts on its own. However, they were recommending a sister site, Symphony, that focused entirely on syndicating posts. They offered a free monthly trial, so I decided to try it out.

I am so happy with it! I don't have to worry about checking of my recent blog post was syndicated to Facebook, because every post I've posted since I started the trial has posted immediately, to the correct Facebook page. It's so simple to set up too! If you're looking for simple blog post syndication, you should check it out! If you join through my link here, you'll get a free three month trial to see if it's for you! Good luck!

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