Sunday, July 12, 2015

Planner Spread #2

Ready for this week's planner spread? It's slightly different than last week, mainly because I made a few tweaks to how I will plan future spreads.

First of all, I added a Word of the Week to the lower left part of the page. I plan on focusing on one word or phrase all week, something faith-based that I know I need to work on it my life. I struggled with peace this week, so I haven't decided if I will carry it into next week, or choose something different.

I also added the high/low temperatures for each individual day, just so I can see at a glance how warm the week will be. Since I'm often outside with my kids at work, it's nice to know if I should wear jeans or capris, or if I even need a jacket for the day.

There are still a couple of tasks I didn't end up accomplishing this week. However, I was much more aware of how much time I would have each day, and so I was able to schedule tasks that I knew would get done. The reading day didn't happen simply because it became a Skyrim and cleaning day instead. Also, when I took this picture it was still Saturday, so the vacuuming hadn't been done. It will get done!

Overall, I think this week went much better planning-wise. I snagged one of the new washi tapes from Target and got my EC launch kit with the new markers and stickers, so this next week will probably be a bit more colorful. Be looking for that!

Have a great week guys!

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