Friday, August 21, 2015

Cutting Back on Book Blogging

Yesterday I made the difficult decision to stop posting regularly on my book blog.

I have been regularly blogging on The Librarian's Bookshelf for almost six years now. It became a way for me to share my love of reading and combine it with my growing love of reviewing. I fluctuated between regular blogging and only posting occasionally, but I consistently posted reviews month after month.

Recently I have hit the point where I am not as interested in reading as much. Without books to read and review, my book blog has pretty much become obsolete. As much as I love reading and reviewing, it's not worth the time commitment when it's something I don't have my heart set on anymore.

Another big focus in my life recently has been this blog. I'm starting to plan out more posts for future weeks, and I'm working on growing my readership through a few sponsorships and the blog groups I'm a part of. Because Keys to My Life is becoming such a big passion of mine, The Librarian's Bookshelf is taking a backseat for awhile.

That's not to say that I will never go back to book blogging. I am simply deciding to shift gears for awhile and focus on sharing all aspects of my life. I will always be a reader and a librarian, but for now I am simply a life blogger.


  1. I can imagine it would be hard to manage two blogs so I don't blame you! Hopefully if you do come across a book you want to read or really enjoy you'll share a book review on here as well. I also go through phases of reading and not reading. Now that my work as a librarian has me discovering so many new books I've really gotten back into it, but there was awhile where I just wasn't finding any good books.

    1. I can absolutely do that! I try not to share too many reviews here because not all of my followers care for that, but I might every once in awhile. I'm hoping to continue reading soon, but it's so time consuming!

  2. I am glad you are focusing all your energy into one blog instead of two. I hope at some point you find some more great books to read, even if you don't review all of them.


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