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The Guys Behind the Blog | August 2015

Hi everyone! Today I'm letting Nick take over the blog while he shares some sweet stories about our relationship. I'm linking up with The Guys Behind the Blog hosted by Heavens to Betsy and According to Laura Jean!

1. How did you meet your significant other?
Ariel and I met on our first day of training in Disneyland for the Disney College Program in August 2013. That's the official story and the much less interesting one aside from the fact that I came across as a total creeper (though she says a cute one) due to my knowing her last name ahead of time, and she was dating someone else at that point. The more interesting portion of that meeting is that I had seen her on a small number of occasions before our first official meeting. During check-in, they kept getting our names and info mixed up, regardless of the fact that she was way ahead of me in line. Apparently I really look like an Ariel, and can I blame them? When I learned of her existence, I saw her from afar and I thought she was totally hot. Then I saw her at the check-in party and I was too chicken to ask her to dance. In retrospect, that was probably a good thing.

2. What is your top love language? What is your significant other's love language?
Hm, that's a good question. My love languages are pretty balanced, but I think my top love language is words of affirmation. It makes me feel great to know that I'm appreciated when I'm going nice things for my girl. Ariel's love language is a split between physical touch and acts of kindness. She's very snuggly and loves head rubs, but she feels cared for when I do things for her.

3. If you're engaged or married, how did you propose? If you are not, how did you ask your girl out?
Okay, disclaimer: Ariel was a total butt about the proposal lol. Ariel and I picked out her ring together, which was a great idea, because I picked out a ring I thought she would love and ran it by her mom and best friend, who agreed that it was a great choice. When it came down to it, Ariel said it would have been "okay." Prior to the proposal, Ariel's mom and I went to a great shop called Create-A-Memory, where you can paint a piece of pottery and they'll fire it for you. Her mom painted a ring holder, on which we would put the engagement ring for the proposal. Under the pretense of picking up "an item" for her, I took Ariel out on a date to the shop to paint mugs. I asked Ariel's best friend to come and take pictures of the event. However, I messed up on the time, and we were done way early. I couldn't tell Ariel why I was delaying leaving, and she got really irritated. Finally I said we could go to the mall briefly and then come back. When we did, I got the wrapped ring holder, which now held the ring due to some careful sneakiness, but when I presented it to her to unwrap, she said no. I finally convinced her to open it outside, and as I look past Ariel, I see the Create-A-Memory employee and her photographer friend with the most dumbfounded looks I've ever seen. They must have thought they were witnessing a rejection. However, she opened it outside and found the ring. I got down on one knee and proposed as her friend caught the moment perfectly. It ended up going very well regardless of the bumps.

4. Share a funny wedding story with us - it can be from your own or one you attended.
I didn't hear about this until later, but we went to a wedding where the bride and groom took communion during the ceremony, but someone had forgotten to put the juice/wine and bread on the table. They had to fake it during the ceremony.

(Haha that would be my best friend and her now husband... Love you guys!)

5. On the topic of love, who was your childhood crush?
I....had a few lol. I was one of those weird boys who thought girls were cute from preschool on. One that I remember was in first and second grade. Her name was Kendall and we said that we'd totally always be together. After second grade we lost contact for a long time but in college we found each other again on Facebook and reconnected. She was married and it was fun to see where life had taken her.


  1. 1. College. We had biology and psychology together. They both worked ;)
    2. Acts of service
    3. My husband proposed in the car before I was about to participate in a local pageant. #can'tbelieveIdidthat
    4. A bride couldn't hear the music playing for her to enter. It was about 5 minutes before someone finally went out to get her. We were a little nervous.
    5. I was one of those weird girls who liked boys from preschool too. My "boyfriend" from 2nd-4th grade was Benjie. We became mortal enemies by 5th grade and for the life of me I don't know why. Even though we went to school together thru 12th grade, we never spoke to each other again. Weird.

    1. Oh wow haha! I bet that bride was embarrased :P

  2. How lovely to get the other side of the story. :)
    1. We met in a bar. Technically, outside of the bar. He was a jerk.
    2. Words of affirmation and service, I'd say it's a toss up.
    3. He had planned this weekend getaway where he was going to propose but got cold feet. I stumbled across the ring box in my suitcase, I then freaked out and buried it beneath a pile of clothes. He then put the box under my pillow so I ended up hitting my head on the box!
    4. Last minute I decided to have my cousin and a family friend walk down the isle together: she was carrying wine and he wore a pigeon head. Everyone was laughing by the time I came out.
    5. I got "married" in kindergarten. We were divorced by the end of the first semester.

  3. Awe this is sweet, words of affirmation where did you find this guy! Oh right Disneyland lol. You seem like a lovely couple, it's important to have loved ones who support us in our ventures. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for sharing your guy with us! You guys seem quite happy!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  5. This was sweet. I love it when the guys take a part and writes a post here and there. Wish my hubby would agree to write on mine hahaha maybe someday.


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