Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blogtember Challenge: Day 2

Welcome back to the Blogtember Challenge! The fact that I've made it two days in a row posting on my blog is a miracle, so I'd say that's a success so far!

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Today's topic is describing our ideal day. Since I work most weekdays, my ideal day and my actual day are very different! If I could participate in my ideal day, I would wake up after 8 or 9, come downstairs to breakfast ready for me, then poof myself to Disneyland to spend all day playing in the parks!

This may sound crazy, but I'm completely serious. I miss Disneyland everyday! I never thought I could fall in love with a theme park as much as I have. It's not even just the rides and shows; I've fallen in love with the magical atmosphere!

Working there gave me another glimpse into the parks that being a guest never could. So much goes on behind the scenes everyday to make sure each guest does have a magical experience. Many people don't realize how much cast members work just to make one person happy!

I've counting down the days until my Disneyland honeymoon everyday, and anxiously awaiting my acceptance e-mail for the Spring 2015 Disney College Program. I hate being away from the magic, and I wish I could be there all the time!

What would your ideal day be? Do you have any favorite memories of Disneyland?

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