Tuesday, September 1, 2015

YouTube Tag Tuesdays: A Little Bit of Everything Tag

Hi friends! Today I'm starting something a little bit different. I've been trying to vlog more consistently, and along with that I have discovered a love for YouTube tags. I may not post one every Tuesday, but I'm going to trey and post as often as I can find a tag I like!

This weeks tag is the A Little Bit of Everything tag. I found this post through a blogger I follow, Mama Kat.

I would love more suggestions for YouTube tags! Feel free to send them my way!

Also, you have have noticed that this is my second post for today! Since I'm participating in the Blogtember Challenge, this will happen some days. While I love the prompts for the challenge, I want to continue creating my own content throughout the month! So stay tuned for lots of blogging this month!

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