Monday, November 30, 2015

Disney College Program Part 2: Spring 2016

It's been a while since I posted last! I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog, but I've had a lot happening the last two months! I did get married, and it was amazing. I'll be talking about the wedding and honeymoon sometime in a future post!

In my last post, I mentioned I had some big news. You may have already guessed my news by the title, but I'm keeping the suspense anyway!

Keys to My Life | Disney College Program Part 2: Spring 2016

As I mentioned before, Nick and I both applied for the Spring 2016 DCP the day applications dropped. Both of our processes went by smoothly... and then we were stuck waiting. For almost a month.

He got his acceptance on a Friday, along with a few of our new friends who were also applying. I was frantic, because Nick only had ten days to pay the fees and accept the offer, and he didn't want to waste the fees if I wasn't accepted.

By the next week we had already been contacting our previous DCP coordinators in Disneyland and hoping for a miracle in my acceptance. It sounded like I wouldn't get it until Wednesday, but that was if I even got it that day. Tuesday morning rolled around, and I casually opened my email as I usually do. Suddenly I screamed. The email I had been waiting for was there! I was accepted!

That's right, Nick and I were BOTH accepted for Spring Advantage 2016 in Walt Disney World! He got Quick Service Food and Beverage again, while I was accepted for Merchandise this time. We fly out January 31st and check in February 1st, so I get to spend my birthday in Disney World! We've already made reservations at Be Our Guest for that day. Since we're Advantage, we don't check out until August 4th. We get to spend six whole months in Disney World!

Even though this is the second DCP for both of us, it's still a new experience. Neither of us have been to Disney World or Florida before, and the two programs are very different. Even the registration processes and housing processes are different! It's going to be a fun change from Fall 2013.

In the coming weeks I will starting a vlog series about the basic DCP info and application process, as well as all the steps leading up to check in. I also plan to vlog more during this program than I did last program, so be prepared for lots of Disney in the coming year!

To those who were praying for our acceptances, thank you so much. We are beyond excited and can't wait to share this first big adventure together as a married couple!

Do you know anyone who has done the DCP? What sorts of questions do you have about it? What information or topics would you like to see in my vlog series?

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