Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Depression: The Silent Friend

Hi everyone! I just want to thank you all for the continued support these last few weeks, especially on our Disney College Program series. Today I'm changing it up pretty drastically with something that's been on my mind quite a bit lately.

Depression: The Silent Friend | Keys to My Life

It's no secret that I have depression. It's something I've mentioned a few times, from my diagnosis, to my connection with the movie Inside Out. Depression is a part of who I am. Sometimes though, I get so used to it, that I don't always recognize when it rears its ugly head.

Depression comes in different severities, and it can change over different seasons of life. Currently I live in the Pacific Northwest in January, which means lots and lots of rain. Very little sun peeks through the clouds for months. Not only that, but my job is rough and there are a lot of hard days. Nick and I are getting ready to move across the country, so there's just a lot going on.

This would be the worst time to get hit with even a mild bout of depression, right? It happened anyway. These last few nights I've been getting tired by 7 pm or so and then getting emotional and whiny for the amount of time I stay up after that. I wake up nauseous and tired, yet jet off to work for nine hours. It's a vicious cycle, and it keeps getting worse.

Thankfully I only have three more days of work here, and less than two weeks until we're in sunny Florida. I don't think this bout will completely go away once we move, but I do think the change and the warmth will be a big help. I may not always notice my depression, but it's there. Always.

Depression is one of the quietest things I have to deal with. I don't often hear it until its too late; it's become my silent friend.

Do you know anyone who struggles with depression? How do they cope with the easier seasons of depression?

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