Monday, January 25, 2016

DCP Series Part 4: What to Expect Before Check-In Day

Welcome back everyone! I just want to thank you all for showing this series so much support and love the last few weeks. Next week we will have the last video before we check-in officially! We are getting more and more excited and the week goes by, and we couldn't be more ready for this next adventure in our lives. For this week's video we cover what to expect between the phone interview and arriving at check-in day!

DCP Series Part 4: What to Expect Before Check-In Day | Keys to My Life

We start by talking about what e-mails to watch for when looking for the acceptance e-mail. From there, we cover the main important e-mails Disney will send over the course of the months leading up to check-in: acceptance fees, class enrollment, new hire paperwork, housing, and check-in itinerary.

Have you applied for the Fall program? Did you participate in a past program? What other e-mails do you wish Disney would send?

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