Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Goals

Sorry for the late post today! We're officially in Florida and getting used to the weather and spending time with friends, and we got back fairly late last night. I will continue to keep posting, however!

January Re-Cap

Blog and Social Media Goals:

1. Grow my e-mail list. This didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I grew my list by 6 subscribers reaching 16 total subscribers, but I didn't hit the 30 I was hoping for.

2. Post 3x weekly. Done!

3. Clean up my Pinterest. This was an nightmare. I was cleaning up my blogging board one day at work and accidentally deleted THE ENTIRE BOARD. I seriously cried. So no, this isn't done. But it's in progress.

4. Clean up Instagram follows. I started the process of this, and am down about 200 follows. Still working on it though!

Personal Goals:

1. Continue reading in my spare time. I didn't do too much of this.

2. Finish purging and packing for Florida. Done, since we're in Florida!

3. Read our couple's devotional daily. While we didn't read it daily due to traveling, we are caught up and staying caught up!

February Goals

Blogging and Social Media Goals:

1. Create my e-mail opt-in. In order to continue to grow my list and send out exclusive additional content, I've been doing various e-mail list webinars for ideas. One big thing I hear everywhere is using an e-mail opt-in. I have a couple ideas in progress, I just need to work on them!

2. Finish cleaning out Instagram follows. I just need to do it.

3. Continue cleaning up Pinterest. I don't think I will finish going through it, but I want to continue.

4. Work on scheduling blog weeks ahead of time to avoid cramming the night before. Since my work schedule here will be all over the place, I don't want to be skimping on sleep or fun. I want to balance the blog and my life here!

Personal Goals:

1. Continue reading books, especially blog tour books. I have been accepting a couple of books for review back on The Librarian's Bookshelf, so I need to continue reading those books.

2. Participate in as many housing and program events that my schedule allows. I didn't do many events in my last program, and I want to change that!

3. Create a bucket list for my time here. It's started, but I need to finish it.

What do you think about this month's goals? Do you have any similar goals?

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