Monday, February 1, 2016

DCP Series Part 5: What to Have on Check-In Day

Hello friends! Welcome to the last video in our series that is pre-arrival day for myself and Nick! As you're reading this post, Nick and I are already in Florida and we're checking in and getting our casting assignments! Next week we will be sharing a little bit of our check-in day adventures, but this week we're wrapping up the application series with what the have on check-in day!

DCP Series Part 5: What to Have on Check-In Day | Keys to My Life

For this installment, we cover what documents and items to have on check-in day so you won't be turned away as soon as you get there! You'll need your I-9 documents, your DORMs paperwork and barcode, your check-in day itinerary, yourself of course, and all of your stuff!

Do you have any last questions about the application series as we wrap up this part of our vlogs? What are you most looking forward to seeing in our adventures in Florida?

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