Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How I Celebrated My 25th Birthday at Walt Disney World

Hi everyone! As promised, I'm back! I will be tweaking my posting schedule, and only posting twice a week. Even with only around 33 hours a week, I'm often busy and exhausted which makes blogging hard. I definitely miss it though, so I'm trying to keep it up from here!

A couple of weeks ago, I turned 25! Nick and I both got the day off, and we spent all day in the parks doing whatever I wanted to do. We have lots of adventures, so here is a fun highlight!

How I Celebrated My 25th Birthday at Walt Disney World | Keys to My Life

We started off the day in EPCOT, trying to meet a few characters I hadn't seen yet. I was dressed head to toe as Anna, because she is my favorite, and who doesn't want to be their favorite princess on their birthday?! We ended up meeting with Mary Poppins and Belle, but who were perfect and were very genuine in their interactions! Belle was also excited to hear we were dining with the Beast for dinner and trying the "Grey Stuff", which is quite delicious. More on that later!


After walking around EPCOT for awhile, we headed to Magic Kingdom so Nick could finally see the day parade, Festival of Fantasy. I didn't take any pictures of the parade, but I will be vlogging it soon! After the parade we saw even more characters, including Marie, Mickey Mouse, Elsa, and of course, Anna. Anna was the BEST meet and greet I have had so far! She was super bubbly and personable, and she loved my dress so much that she suggested a picture with just her, as well as one with Nick added. She made my entire day!

Mickey was also great! When you meet Magician Mickey in Town Square Theater, he gains some of Tinkerbell's pixie dust and is able to talk to the guests that visit him. I was expecting him to talk, but I was not expecting him to SING Happy Birthday to me! That's right, Mickey can sing Happy Birthday! It was such a special surprise that I started tearing up. If you haven't had the chance to visit Magician Mickey, make it a priority!

Mickey singing me Happy Birthday took me by surprise - cue the tears!

 Finally, we were headed to the one place I had been looking forward to for months - Be Our Guest restaurant. I had booked dinner reservations for my birthday the day they opened, because I have always wanted to celebrate my birthday there!

I wish I had taken pictures of the outside, because it truly is amazing. Beast and Belle's castle sits high upon the hill overlooking Fantasyland, and you walk across a beautiful bridge and wait in the courtyard until you are ready to be seated. At this point, I was already crying a ridiculous amount! I just couldn't believe we were finally doing something I had to have on my Disney bucket list.

Once inside, the view takes your breath away. It looks just as if you had stepped into the movie - there is no other comparison. We were seated in the Grand Ballroom, which I mistakenly took no pictures of! Trust me when I say, it's far more perfect that you could imagine.

The neat thing about Be Our Guest is that they allow you, and even encourage you, to walk around the castle and explore! The other rooms we got to see were the West Wing and the Rose Courtyard. The Rose Courtyard was an extra room, like a lounge of sorts, and wasn't directly designed from the movie, however still beautiful. The West Wing was dark and mysterious and was exactly as you would expect. The detail everywhere was amazing! Even our napkins were roses.

Nick and I decided to share a meal, which was a great idea because dessert was delicious and took over our appetites. The food was good, but I'm a picky eater and I don't think it is something I would order again. Dessert was scrumptious though! Nick chose the Triple Chocolate Cupcake, which he loved, and I, of course, chose the Grey Stuff. It really is delicious, you can ask the dishes! It tastes like cookies and cream mousse, and is served on a chocolate brownie bar. Definitely worth it!

At the end we were fortunate enough to meet Beast, who is quite the gentleman, and take a few pictures with him. Afterwards I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I couldn't even stay for the fireworks! It was a more perfect birthday than I could have imagined.

I was hoping to vlog for my birthday adventures, but I'm still not 100% comfortable vlogging on my iPhone. I did vlog one day so far, but it may be awhile before I edit that vlog and upload it. I do hope to vlog more of my adventures, but for now I might just stick to blogging. I would love suggestions of what sorts of things you would like to see! I love having my own adventures, but I like trying new things too! Leave a comment or send me a message with your suggestions.

Have you visited some of these characters? Do you think Be Our Guest is worth it to you? How would you celebrate your birthday in the parks?

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